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MASS MoCA and MCLA launch public education resource, CARE SYLLABUS

"CARE SYLLABUS is a cross-institutional, multimodal public education resource of MCLA and MASS MoCA. This 2020-21 pilot program is made possible through THE MIND’S EYE, a research and praxis initiative at MCLA, which provides a venue for transdisciplinary collaboration and dialogue addressing contemporary social concerns.

CARE SYLLABUS highlights artistic expression, activism, and thinking that fosters a radical communal imagination. The creative impulses rooted in these modes of collaboration and critique spur new ways of exploring the histories of care - and shifting praxes of care - currently at work in our homes, classrooms, and communities.


  • 6 guest-curated, themed modules, from autumn 2020 to autumn 2021, which illuminate specific strands and strategies of care in the arts.

  • A public education program accompanying each module, organized by the Care Syllabus team, featuring a keynote event with guest-curators, a community study session aimed at educators, and a platform for the stories of community activists and advocacy organizations. Public programs offer invitations for action, and steps to activate what you learn.

  • A blog that offers reflections on art and care submitted by partners and community members.

  • A resource guide that features directions for further learning and community involvement."

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