Berkshire Cultural Assets Network (BCAN)

We define culture as going beyond established arts institutions and practices to include the natural resources and diverse creative practices that are essential components of life in Berkshire County.

Project Mission

Created in 2018 as part of the C4 Initiative (Creative Compact for Collective Impact), the mission of BCAN is to serve as a professional learning network for the staff of Berkshire County cultural organizations working in education and community engagement.

Project Objectives

  • Connect BCAN members to existing networks for creative youth development
    organizations and existing networks, such as the Superintendents’ Roundtable and
    Arts Educators Peer Learning Network

  • Serve as a professional learning network for people working in education and
    engagement with Berkshire County cultural institutions, providing opportunities to
    explore shared issues, promote educational opportunities and organize peer sharing

  • Schedule regular gatherings to build community, assess progress and develop
    mechanisms for continuous communication and hone regional strategies

  • Encourage Berkshire County cultural organizations to collaborate and seek joint
    funding at the state and national levels for community engagement activities and
    school programs

  • Develop a process to encourage cultural organizations to partner with other networks
    to create internship and workforce development opportunities for Berkshire County
    public school students

  • Serve as a conduit for pilot programs being developed by the Massachusetts Cultural Council

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