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Career Readiness
Berkshire County Arts & Culture

Looking for all things career? Check out our Resource Guide for a list of Berkshire County Career Speakers, Job Shadow Hosts, and information on internships. We also have job sites linked below!

Local Resources

MassHire Berkshire Workforce Board

Connecting Activities


A statewide initiative funded through the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, provides career readiness programming for all students in grades K-12.

Connecting Activities places students in an array of career awareness, exploration and immersion programs and activities to develop essential workforce skills and facilitate career and post-secondary education readiness.

                         -Connects around 400 - 450 high school students with internships and structured work experiences. 

                         -2,500 students with career awareness and exploration activities

                         -50+ educators with teacher externships and career-readiness oriented professional development                                                      opportunities.

For more information, please contact Kat Toomy, Youth Program Specialist, 

Job Boards

Articles of Interest

"If you’re an artist that loves art and history, working in a museum might be the perfect place to start your career. There are thousands of museums nationwide, ranging from world famous institutions like the Museum of Modern Art to smaller museums in local communities like Philadelphia’s Magic Garden."

"The fundamentals of development, relationship-building, and fundraising are skills that will be transferable and valuable to any position in the nonprofit world. Development can involve a variety of fundraising projects and engagement initiatives at arts councils, festivals, theaters, galleries, and museums."

"Social media is a major component in today’s job search process. Whether you’re updating your Facebook status or re-tweeting an article from the New York Times, each interaction provides would-be employers with a glimpse of your personality (outside the confines of an professional resume!)"

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