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For Administrators

The positive effects of arts integration and cultural experiences are not limited to students. As with all professional development, successful implementation of best practices depends on positive school culture and leadership support of both teachers and students.

There are many resources in Berkshire County that offer cultural experiences to educators.  Scores of texts and discuss the benefits of implementing arts integration into the classroom. Administrators may find these useful as they work to support teachers and arts integrated curriculum.

Staff development opportunities from regional arts/cultural organizations

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RISE™ for Educators

The evidence-based program from Kripalu for all in the educational field



A comprehensive, science-based program that supports skillful and creative living from CPC

Arts Integration Resources

Preparing School Leaders for Effective Arts Integration

This Education Trends report explores successful practices for arts integration, with a focus on educator and school leader professional development, and provides an overview of research that highlights the impact of instructor preparation and professional development on student outcomes.

Integrating the Arts to Ensure All Students Can Engage in Learning

In our uncertain times, it is critical for all students to have access to arts education — provided by a highly qualified arts-teaching workforce — including classroom teachers, arts specialists, teaching artists, higher education faculty or members of arts and cultural organizations who offer arts education programming.

How Arts Integration Supports Student Learning

Karen DeMoss and Terry Morris’s 2002 research on arts integration that incorporates student feedback.

Arts Integration and the SPED Student: Voice, Choice, and Access

Research "results suggest that arts may assist special needs students in demonstrating knowledge of academic content and skills."

Philadelphia Leader Makes the Case for the Arts

Dennis W. Creedon, Assistant Superintendent of the Philadelphia Schools), explains why art integration makes a critical difference for all learners.

Arts Integration and Universal Design For Learning

Explore the powerful alignment between arts integration and three principles that guide Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Use Arts Integration to Advance Common Core

Susan Riley's 2012 Edutopia piece that features specific strategies and lesson starter seeds.

The Power of Arts Integration: Getty Museum Video Overview

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