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Arts-integrated remote learning? Yes!

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

This spring, BRAINworks teachers Lisa and Megan proved, with great success, that arts integration can fit right into remote learning. Lisa and Megan's students met together over Zoom and as a class explored Norman Rockwell Museum's "Home Is" exhibition. The class then discussed the themes in the work, what stood out to them in the art pieces, and the elements of art they noticed. Working independently while together on the call, students created collages about what home meant to each of them, made out of recycled household items. This integrated arts and social studies standards. There was such enthusiasm for this lesson from the students that Lisa and Megan taught a similar second lesson based on a gallery talk with Berkshire Museum where the students created nature-inspired art based on Lucretia Wiliiams' exhibition. This lesson integrated science and arts standards.

In a collaborative setting that felt familiar, Lisa and Megan's students responded to the lessons with impressive art, enthusiasm, and feedback that they felt like they were back in the classroom together.


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