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Brooke - Berkshire Art Center

Reintroducing Brooke! Art Enthusiast turned Aspiring Educator

Brooke is a senior at Pittsfield High School. Over the summer, she had the amazing opportunity to shine as an intern at Pittsfield's Berkshire Art Center! As a lover of art and creativity, Brooke found her perfect match as a facilitator for BAC's art camp! Her lifelong admiration for educators has been a driving force in her decision to pursue a career in education, and this experience has solidified her passion even further.

She mastered the skill of working and teaching for long days while keeping her students engaged. Congratulations on a job well done, Brooke! We can’t wait to see where your path in education takes you!

This program is made possible by the generous donation provided byBerk12 - Berkshire Educational Resources K12 and supported by the Berkshire business community. Many thanks to MassHire Berkshire Career Center /MassHire Berkshire Career Center Youth Department for supporting the program and the youth it serves!


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